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Wealth Management, Manong Badenhorst Attorneys

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Wealth Management in Pretoria

Wealth Management Services in Pretoria – Manong Badenhorst Incorporated has established a wealth management company Manong Badenhorst Grundlingh situated in Pretoria, Gauteng which follows a six-step financial planning process as approved by the Financial Services Board.

The final product is a written, personalised financial action plan, addressing the financial goals of the client by implementing tax efficient and cost effective financial strategies.

The client is offered a choice of various leading Financial Service Products.

The services offered are:

  • Personal and Corporate financial planning.
  • Investment planning locally and offshore.
  • Retirement Planning.
  • Estate planning and advice on wills trusts, estate duty, capital gains tax, donations tax ect.
  • Risk planning.
  • Tax planning.

At Manong Badenhorst and Grundling we know that every client has different financial planning needs and we endeavor to treat every client as that, an individual.Contact us today to ensure that your financial future is secure!

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